Sunday 15th September Main Stage

Emerald are a high energy Irish/Celtic, Punk/Folk/Rock band. Based in Newquay, Cornwall and led by Dublin Born, Jimmy O’Donoghue. The band’s mission… to play the music we love…in venues we love… for what we call ‘The Craic’!

Fortune and Fame is not our motivation! When we come together as Emerald a magic happens which sets us apart from norm. Anyone who has ever been to an Emerald gig will have experienced the magical shenanigans for which we are famous!

Wild, Fun, Irreverent, old tunes with a new twist, new tunes with an old twist! Influenced by Irish roots and our love of the giants of the this genre, Floggin Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Rumjacks, Thin Lizzy…

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